The Mission PsyPAC is an issue-based political action committee that aims to support political candidates, legislators, and policy that promotes proactive, and evidence-based solutions. Trending epidemics are the top priority. Who We Are Health is life. In this day of growing concerns about health insurance coverage, funding, and policy that supports it, a group is needed to navigate policy and understand which the legislators to support. The Health Psychology Leadership Political Action Committee (PsyPAC) is that issue-based advocacy group approved by the Federal Election Commission. Understanding health insurance is complicated. The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) has been under scrutiny since the day of it passed in 2009. Under its provisions, the age to remain under a parent’s coverage was raised to 26 years, individual mandates were expected, and coverage to include pre-existing conditions were among some of the helpful changes. Since then, the federal government has attempted steps that has weakened coverage and has put greater responsibility on the local level. In 2019 premiums are expected to rise due to these changes. The best solution is progression toward a universal health system. It is not an easy solution, but it is a proactive one. PsyPAC is a board of experienced health advocates, practitioners, community leaders, and laypeople who understand first-hand the consequences of gaps in the health care system. In this time of confusion, PsyPAC aims to support political candidates, legislators, and policy that promotes proactive, evidence-based, and innovative health care dilemmas targeting Illinois and national health issues. As PsyPAC grows, more regions will be added. Understanding the best way to approach public health is also a challenge. PsyPAC also looks at trending research to improve overall health. It will offer tips on how to engage in healthy activities and ways to cease the things we know we need to stop, but cannot. azithromycin price in south africa How PsyPAC Helps the Community ▸A watch dog for major bills and legislation that effect our health and well-being. Trending issues and epidemics are a priority. ▸Publish articles on how to navigate the healthcare system and how to take control of our health now. ▸Highlights candidates who take a proactive stance on healthcare, including behavioral health. ▸Publish feature articles on the psychology of politics and propaganda that may influence votes and impact health. ▸Research innovative and evidenced-based approaches to legislation that bridge the gaps in our health care system. Get Involved! Get Involved There are many ways to participate in PsyPAC. You can support the functioning of the organization by being a contributor. We are are seeking: Donors Policy analysts Policy bloggers Wellness bloggers